Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics

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Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics: Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance

Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance


Title: Desolation Row
Artist: My Chemical Romance


They're selling postcards of the hanging
They're painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
Well they've got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they're restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady And I look out tonight
From Desolation Row

Cinderella she seems so easy
"Well it takes one to know one" she smiles
And puts her hands in her back pockets
Bette Davis style
And in comes Romeo moaning
"You Belong to Me I Believe"
And someone says
"You're in the wrong place my friend you better leave"
And the only sound that's left after the ambulances go
Is Cinderella sweeping up on Desolation Row

Now at midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew
Go and round up everyone that knows more than they do
Then they bring them to the factory where the heart-attack machine
Is strapped across their shoulders and then the kerosene
Is brought down from the castles by insurance men who go
Check to see that nobody is escaping
To Desolation Row

Right now I can't read too good
Don't send me no more letters no
Not unless you mail them
From Desolation Row



Album Watchmen (Music from the Motion Picture) (2009)
Track 1
Genre Folk Rock

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Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics