Black Mirror - Arcade Fire Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics

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Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics: Black Mirror - Arcade Fire

Black Mirror - Arcade Fire

Song details
Title Black Mirror
Artist Arcade Fire
Album Neon Bible (2007) - Track 1

Alternative Rock Music

Arcade Fire - Black Mirror - Song Lyrics

I walked down to the ocean
After waking from a nightmare.
No moon no pale reflection.

Black Mirror (2x)

Shot by a security camera
You can't watch your own image
And also look yourself in the eye.

Black Mirror (3x)

I know a time is coming
All words will lose their meaning
Please show me something that isn't mine
-But mine is the only kind that I relate to.
Le miroir casse, The mirror casts mon reflet partout.

Black Mirror (3x)

The black mirror knows no reflection.
It knows not pride or vanity.
It cares not about your dreams.
It cares not for your pyramid schemes.
Their names are never spoken.
The curse is never broken (2x)

Un! Deux! Trois! Dis: Miroir Noir! -Black Mirror! (2x)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Show me where them bombs will fall. (2x)

Black Mirror! (3x)

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Black Mirror - Arcade Fire Alternative Rock Music Videos | Song Lyrics